The best day ever. - Simon   15/11/2011   email
I recently visited Alsager and had a mesmerising adventure. Firstly, I visited Christ Church, although it was a beautiful building, I could not locate Christ, even though the parishioner assured me it was God's house... I suspect he was busy healing. We then visited Craft Addicts Ltd, and witnessed the crippling effects of art and craft addiction. We then decided to visit the Fortuna Chinese restaurant, their tuna was indeed excellent. After the delicious meal we enjoyed a boogie filled evening of Jazz at the Wilbraham Arms Inn.

A brilliant day.

Thanks Alsager!

Alsager - I Love Alsager   30/04/2006   email


Entertainment/Local Events
Choir in Alsager - Alsager resident   23/08/2006   email
Is anyone interested in belonging to a choir in Alsager?
Email to show your interest.


Friends and Family
William Brundrett Maddock - William Maddock   20/03/2009   email
Found this website while searching family names and was wondering if anyone has any information on the descendants of William Brundrett Maddock , the son of John Maddock, mentioned on this site.
Thanks for any help!

William Brundrett Maddock IV
Hazelwood, MO USA

Samantha Hirst - Andrea   08/08/2008   email
Hope someone can help. I worked with a wonderful girl, Samantha Hirst, when she worked briefly at Twickenham Library in Richmond Upon Thames, in the early 1980s I think it must have been. She left for pastures new and we lost touch. I'd love to get back in touch with her - we had wonderful times at Twickenham Library. She had a boyfriend Kevin who she might have married. I dont know his surname but there is a Kevin R Wood who married a Samantha Hirst in the Congleton & Crewe District in 1990. I wrote to a Hirst family in Alsager quite a few years ago but didn't get a reply. Does anyone know Samantha?

Neil Ford - Kevin (Denver, CO)   19/03/2008   email
Looking for the whereabouts of an old friend Neil Ford. If anyone has any information or could pass on a note onto him I would appreciate it. Just looking to catch up with a good friend i have not talked to in a while.

Thank you,

Kevin Geiger

Looking for the Wright family - Stephanie Wade   21/01/2008   email
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for the descendants of the Wright family who had a Grocery shop in Audley Road, could be the one shown opposite the Station. My Great Grandfather George Alexander Wright, and his Wife Mary Sophia (nee Bull) were listed there in the 1901 cencus along with their sons Edward, John H, Frederick N, Thomas B,also Harold who had moved away to work, and their daughter and youngest child Millicent Lucy Anne, my grandmother, born in 1895. The surrounding families in Audley road and Talke Road, showed quite a few Railway workers' which makes me think it could be the Shop shown in the photo on this site. I know very little about this branch of my family, as my Nan and Mum were very secretive about their past. I have since found out that this was because my mum was illegitimate, and Nan was disowned by her whole family at the age of 22. I live in Wiltshire and am thinking of coming up to Alsager to see if I can track down any descendants, or at least see where Mum and Nan were born, Mum was born in Talke Road, and Nan went into service with my Grandad, Will Calvert, who was at the time a concert classical pianist and wrote and performed his own monologues as a comedian. I know no more than that about him. He and my Nan never married, so was he married to someone else?!! All very intriguing! Is there anyone out there who can help? Are you a Wright and could we be related. Thank you.

miss my adoped country - lenny alfano   07/01/2008   email
i grew up in the little town of scotthay with my mom, sister maureen heath, and brother chriss alfano. i remmenber many places i used to play the heighley castle,the lot where the ww2 tanks and trucks were,kept the crickett field .i would like to know if spider or colin guest still remmember me

Michael Apps - Ray Bailey   30/12/2007   email
Whilst serving in the RAF in Lincolnshire during the 1970s i worked with a bloke from Alsager named Michael Apps. Does anybody know if he lives in the town or local area?


Ray Bailey

finding about - tracey   30/12/2007   email
wondered if anyone could help me , and tell me if theres propertys called or was called daygreen cottages , my mum says she lived in alsager in the 50s with her mum and someone called "harold evans " she thinks thats his name , but as she was young hasnt got much to go on , he had a son called tony and he ( harold ) married someone after my nan and mum moved on , id love to put an end to this mystery however little info you have , thank you

Anybody know me or my family? - Joan Lockett   12/07/2007   email
My family and I used to live in Moorehouse Avenue, Alsager in the 1940/1950. I have 4 sisters Sheila, Eileen, Janet and Doreen. I also have a brother Gordon. We used to go to Alsager secondary modern school. My father was an electricians mate in Radway Green. His name is Alfred Thomas Lockett. Does anybody remember him? Has anybody got any photos or information? He passed away in 1944 aged 28 and I dont have awful lot of information about him and I dont have any photos at all. I live in Wales at the moment but would love to be back in Alsager it is a brilliant place! Any information would be wonderful.

Previous resident of Alsager. - Monica Garland(Mrs.)   09/06/2007   email
Hi to all in Alsager. My name is Monica Garland and I am married. My surname used to be Boote so I hope someone remembers me?? I used to live at 12,Creswellshawe Road, next door to Bill and May Wood who are sadly not with us now but Michael is still going strong. Would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers me. I moved to Cornwall in 1969 and still remember my old school friends. I used to go to Alsager Secondary Modern and left in 1966 so quite a few years ago. I am happily married now with two grown up daughters and have one grand-daughter aged 7 and another grandchild on the way - early December. Cornwall is beautiful and I have never regretted moving here with my parents Pat and Arthur Boote. Dad was in a dance band and played the accordian with Reg Ledward who was a good friend living just down the road from us. Would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers me. I still have family living in Stoke-on-Trent so maybe they will be in contact too. I also have some family by the name of Boote in Alsager so get in touch, please, would be lovely to hear from you.
UPDATE: 9TH June 2007. Still not heard from anyone so obviously no-one seems to remember me up to now. Used to know Rosemary Clay, Jenny Bullock,Gloria Adby,Maureen Howle,Joyce Moulton,Wendy Williamson,Charlotte Jones,Peter Shufflebottom(used to call him Shuff)Melvyn Shufflebottom(Peter's bro')Michael Sant,Catherine Sant(brother&sister). I used to go to St.Gabriel's Catholic Church and knew the Sullivan Family,Pat,Kath&Paul, Pat&Kath were in hairdressing on Bank Corner. I used to love Alsager and came back in 1995 with my husband Iain and found such a change in the village but it was great to see it again. My old next door neighbour from Creswellshawe Road, Michael Wood is sadly very poorly at the moment, sorry to hear that Michael, do hope you are recovering and will be home soon. I do hope to hear from someone up in Alsager as even though I live in Cornwall I still checkup on this site each month. Signing off for now, please get in touch??

hms excalibur - Russell   03/01/2007   email
trying to find any family of the Walkers 42 woodside ave

Down Memory Lane - Paul Connelly   17/11/2006   email
Hello, my name is Paul Connelly, and I lived with my parents Joe and Pat, brother Roger and sister Jillian, from 1947 to 1964, when I married and moved to Bristol.I,m now happily retired in the West Country,and I would be happy to chat to anyone who remembers us.I would dearly love to get in touch with an old school friend Robert Whalley, who emmigrated with his family to New Zealand in 1952.Has anyone any information regarding them?

I often log on to the Alsager site,it,s great to see the occasional name I recognize and keep up with news of the town.As you get older,nostalgia plays an increasingly important part in your life

Keep up the good work.

people who i used to go to school with - dale   01/03/2006   email
I wonder if any one emembers me my name is Kevin Dale i used to live at West Grove Alsager and Attended Alsager Comprehensive School.

alsager - bob spence   02/02/2006   email

Looking for dear friends - Annelies Kroen   22/10/2005   email

In 1989 during our holiday's in Scotland, we met a wonderfull couple, Mr. & mrs. Roy Dale. They had 2 lovely dogs, Katie and Canger.
We visited them at their home in Alsager, The Common, in february 1991 and had a great time. We also wrote plenty of letters and received many back. During our visit we also met Denis, a good friend of them.
Due to change of work and house, we lost contact in the beginning of 1992.

Is there anybody around who can tell me about Doris and Roy? I can imagine, because it is quite some time ago now, that they may not be alive anymore, but I still would like to know.

Please send a massage to: akroen@home.nl, I will be very gratefull.

Help me to find him. - Guesnerie   12/10/2005   email
Hi, my name is cedric and i'm french.I'm looking for an old friend named matthew griffiths who is or was at alsager school.If you see him, tell him.please.
to answer me:
Guesnerie cedric
69 rue vallière
60180 Nogent sur Oise

Searching old friend - ckalberlah   14/06/2005   email
Searching for Christopher Derrick Grey, D.O.B.: July 28,1954, mining engineer, lived in Alsager 1986-87. Please contact ckalberlah@excite.com

Sarra Jameson - Lee Keatman (formerly Tracey)   02/10/2004   email
I'm trying to find my very good friend Sarra. She went to Excalibur Primary School with me from 1978 to 1985, then to Alsager School until the end of the 1st year. She used to live on Ashenhurst road, and if anyone knows where she is could you please email me.


Home coming!! - Katy   06/05/2004   email
Dear all,

I'm a 25 year old who's lived in Alsager since the age of six. My grandparents met on Bank Corner when they were in their teens, married at St Mary's and then had my Dad who also grew up in Alsager.

I was born in Coventry but my parents moved back here in 1984. I've since been to university and have been living in Birmingham for the past two years, but after long deliberation I've decided to put up with the long commute just so I can be back where I belong... Some my age might disagree but I love Alsager through and through.


Whereabouts - Old Friend - Tim Paul   24/10/2003   email
Hi, I'm from South Africa, trying to make contact with an old friend, Julie Sherratt, who lived in Craig Walk, Alsager (circa 1977). If anyone has ANY detail, or could help me in contacting her, I would be most grateful. She moved back to the UK in 1976 (from SA) at which time we lost contact.

Bank Corner with 14 from Germany... now Im 39.....(2003) - Claudia Weidt (Lindnau)   08/07/2003   email
Im in alsager when i was about 14. Living with the family of the radio speaker (stoke on trend, bbc) Bill humphreys. My best girl-friend was jane hall, i found in this time so many friends there, everytime on Bank Corner...it was a hot summar and an earthquake....there was a simon and an Ian (playing Music), i met Andrew mair, Sheerina Hill, and and and, so many names, but I remember not exactly. Maby one remembers and wants to help me, to find Jean Hall for me, a tuff girl in this time, nice and blond, tell her im family woman with children and dogs....heres my number: Claudia Weidt, Im Rischborn 7, 34479 Breuna-Oberlistingen, Germany, scna.w@t-online.de

1953/54 - Jean Cameron   08/06/2003   email
Hello: I spent a holiday many years ago at a Mr. and Mrs Done and
there daughter Yvonne. I have fond memories of them, they had a
Grocers/corner store. I now live in Canada and Yvonne if you happen to
see this please e-mail me, my name then was Jean Anderson

James (Jimmy) & Mary Smith 1940's - Evonne Randall   13/02/2003   email
Does anyone remember my Grandma and Granddad who lived in Alsager in the 1940's? My Granddad worked at a munitions factory and my Grandma was district nurse/midwife etc. around the Alsager area.

They moved back to Bradford around 1946.

Would love to hear from anyone how lived in Alsager then.

Also looking for a lady called Lovatt who may have worked in one of the shops in Alsager arounf 1946?

Thank you.


Alsager - David Swift   04/08/2010   email
As a proud resident of Alsager for 25 years, i must admit that i have had the best night out here and would not want to live anywhere else!

nice site... - Anand Maheshwari   13/01/2006   email
Nice Site...
Visit http://www.b4uphotos.com collection of more than 1,00,000 photos and wallpapers...

What happened to the www.nathang.org.uk/acs message board? - Nathan Griffiths   18/05/2004   email

In case anyone is wondering what happened to the message board at www.nathang.org.uk/acs linked to from the Student Friends section of this site (the link no longer works) - its all my fault!

Basically I've been off travelling round the world after getting made redundant and I now live in New Zealand, and I had to take the site down as I was no longer able to update it. If and when I get myself back to the UK I will see about getting it up and running again, but until then you have my apologies.

Update 15 May 05: The site is now located at


Nathan Griffiths (Alsager Comp 87 - 92 - the Year of the White Tornado)

Whitehill Online - Admin   11/04/2003   email
Hi all, just give you information about another village web site Whitehill Online - this can be visited by entering the following address into your browser http://www.dreamair.co.uk/whiteweb


Guest Book
Puples from the 60's - Kevin   13/08/2015   email
Hello I'm Kevin doe's any one now me, I went to Alsager Comprehensive School in the 60's. I lived in West Grove. I worked at Alsager Co Op in the 70's.


derelict farm cottages on the border of audley and alsager - jade   23/02/2008   email
i've always been curious about the semi detatched derelict "farm cottages" which are set well back in a field on Alsager Road, Audley. The cottages have supposedly been derelict for at least 50 years and i was wondering if anyone knew more about them? They're near Eardley End Farm. Please contact me if you know anything about them :]

H.M.S. Excalibur. - John.B.Russell   02/01/2007   email
Hi To All.
At Alsager,i joined up at Exalibur 27th July 1943, the best six weeks of my life,at that time.lots of sun, we had a R.M. band to play us out on marchs.the Captain of Exalibur was H. Hammond Chambers d.s.o.
met a lovely family by the name of Walker,thay had two lovely daughters one Ida ,used to have Sunday dinner with them,it was no prob getting out of camp ?thay lived at 42 Wood side av.
if any one knows of the Walker family , i would love to here frome tham,my addy 3 Dalmeny av Margate,ct9-3nl'
and to all at Alsager wishing you all,a very good 2007.

john russell,

Alsager and the Royal Ordnance Factory Radway Green - Philip John Peacock   12/11/2006   email
Hi, to all who visit this site. I am looking to hear for anyone who might remember or who knew of my grand parents Mr. Norman and Mrs. Else Peacock who lived in Alsager and worked at the Royal Ordnance Factory Radway Green during the Second World War. Philip Peacock…

Royal Navy HMS EXcalibur 1947 - S P Askew   25/10/2006   email
My father DONALD ASKEW from Rotherham joined Excalibur as a Ord Tel.
He was there from Oct-Dec 1947. He passed away Feb 2006 and told me many stories of his Naval life. I never knew where it was, so now i can visit the area where he trained. Does anyone remember him.

S P Askew

employees - Jenny   16/02/2005   email
Is it possible to access a list of employees at the radway munitions factory. Particularly those who worked there during world war two? Thankyou

Radway Green Munitions factory 1940s - Teresa   18/03/2004   email
My mother worked in the munitions factory during the war
One of her stories is when she almost lost a finger whilst making bullets.
I am hoping to find some pictures and to find out a little more what radway green was like in the 40s/50s
Her Name was Muriel Mcardle nee Harding and she was born in Mow Cop.

hms excaliber - geoff hibbitt   02/12/2003   email
to give a complete history of excaliber, you should include its connections with ROF radway green, and the radway housing estate.

HMS Excalibur - Ken Moden   31/03/2003   email
Your site brought back a few memories, I was at 'Excalibur' January 1947 in Fisher Class, POGI Robinson, and I remember the awful snow of that winter, the only runs ashore was to the NAAFI,where one was lucky to find a place near the pot-belly stove for warmth?
Ken ex Stoker


Information wanted
employee list - Jenny   16/02/2005   email
Is it possible to access a list of employees at the Radway munitions factory. Particularly anyone employed during world war two. Thankyou


Local Events
Alsager - Laura   12/06/2005   email
I think Alsager is great and the Carnival this year is going to be really good. Whoever thought of the idea to do an Animal Safari should be congratulated!


Hello! - Thomas Alsager   10/11/2009   email

My name is Thomas Alsager, from Bergen in Norway. My family's name were thought to be of western Norwegian origin, but discovering your beautiful town I begin to wonder. Are there any in the town with this surname?


Thomas Alsager


Need some friends
Back Home - Bev Woolrich   01/06/2005   email
Hi its bev. ive been in colchester, essex for the last couple of years but am now a single mum with daniel aged five and luisa-joy aged four back home... phew!.... I am desperate to create a good life for us in alsager! Please get in touch if you remember me or would like a coffee and chat.


News & Information
Lawton Hall School - Eric Price   02/09/2004   email
Another old Lawtonian, Bev Booth, now land developer and lawyer in Lichfield,informs me that the old Lawton Hall School may be dead but the building has been restored for apartments.

I would like to hear from old Lawtonians especially from the 1960-1965 area who knew me, Bev, David Steele, or Paul Frew; in other words, those especially from the rise of The Beatles area.

I used to live in Trentham but joined the United Nations hence my emigration to Europe; I have come back to the Potteries area annually. Read more at my website: http://www.sima.co.at


Response to Lauren and DAVID - Angela   17/05/2006   email
auren, David a few things about your comments - Firstly David- your useof
language is appalling partly the use of the word Sh*t, there is no place for
language like that in a village website forum. 2ndly, Lauren you live in
Liverpool you dont live in Alsager so how can you compare Alsager ot Liverpool
by saying Alsager is boring? Atleast i can walk down my street and say hello to
the vast number of people i know than walk down a street in Liverpool and worry
that i might get mugged, stabbed or shouted at! Alsager is a decent place to
live and wasnt established to entertain children. It is a village that has
expanded due to people using the village as a commuter village and a place of
Kids take drugs all over the place including a lot in Liverpool. So if liverpool
people are visiting Alsager, what do you expect? I think the borough council
should start issuing VISAs for anyone coming from liverpool as all they bring is
bad language, invalid opinions, drugs booze etc.

David, Lauren, you might not like my village which im proud of and have grown up
in (im not as old as you think) but im glad you dont live here. Negative
thoughts are best left where you live. Bye.

i agree with'david' alsager is rather boring! - Lauren   05/10/2005   email
hey, im from liverpool, one of my closest friends livesin alsager and i have been 2 visit quite a few times.and i agree with david who posted on this guest book - although alsager a nice place and its generally pretty andthat, there is literally NOTHING for young people to do! i think my friend would agree, all the kids can do all day is smoke drugs and drink in parks and places like that. im not saying liverpool is any better, well actually it is, there used 2 be nothing for me 2 do when i was younger except drink in street. but liverpool is a big place and now there are things 2 do in most places. have the council considered that the kids are all on drugs and drink because they have nothing better to do? maybe they should put some of their money into doing something useful with the area. god knows people in alsager have got money!

my opinion of alsager - david   08/03/2005   email
i've only been to alsager once an i thought it was a load of pants. i don't mean literally because a real pile of pants would be way better than spending time in alsager, even dirty pants; but i digress. i hate alsager and personally think the french government should start using that area to test nukes (but don't warn anyone cos that'll be well funny). even my mate thinks alsager is shit AND HE LIVES THERE! thankyou for allowing me to express my personal opinions on this matter.

yours sincerely, dave