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Tel: 01270 747008
Address: 69b Crewe Road

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Hours: 9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri

Computer Repair Services
We offer a thorough diagnostics and repair service for PCs and Laptops in the areas around Alsager and Crewe. If your PC is behaving strangely, slowing down, or just not doing what you want it to, then we can help.

IT Tuition and Support
We can offer training and support, in your home, on the phone or via the web. If you just have a few questions or would like to learn new skills then we can provide you with the support you need.

Web Design and Marketing
We can create you a web site tailored to meet your requirements. The site can really simple or it can include 2D or 3D images, text, animation, or interactive media. We can get your site on any available domain name and provide the hosting to suit your expected traffic needs. Site optimisation services can be included with a web design package, or we can update an existing one.

Home and Business Networking
From simple wireless broadband internet connections to gaming networks and business and office networking solutions. We can install or troubleshoot wireless and wired networks in your home or office, and make sure that they are secure enough for your needs.