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Alsager County Primary School

People from ACPS

I was at ACPS from 1963 until 1969 (?). This included moving to "The Annexe" for the last year. Teachers which stand out are Miss Luckman who married Mr. Mellor (an excellent teller of naval history especially Drake and Magellan). Mrs Cosgrove and Mr Wainwright. There was also a french teacher who used to wear her hair pulled back in a bun and managed to put me off learning French for many years. Oh yes and Miss Perry who used to regail us all with stories of Borneo including bringing a blow pipe in for us all to try.
Pupils who stand out are Bill Hill who I think is now a professional gardener, Ian Bennett (still an estate agent?), Karen Woolridge, Yvonne Reeves, Ian Pierpoint, David Simon, Anne Mackley, Jennine Cooper(?), Keith and Kevin (twins), Tim Revell and Philip Jones (who was my best man 12 years ago). Of all these people I have met Bill Hill once (15 years ago), David Simon (14 years ago) and obviously Phil Jones.

Although I still visit Alsager regularly to visit my parents I had no idea that the school had been demolished.

Does anyone remember playing on "The bank" with toy cars, or the football pitch with no grass?

Posted by: Tony Wright on 30 April, 2001 at 02:24:52