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Alsager County Primary School

Alsager County Primary

I was at Bankside Court from 63 to 67 then at 'the annexe' for 2 years going on to Crewe Grammar.The teachers I remember are Miss Luckman (married Mr. Mellor) Mrs Cresswell (I beleive she still plays whist 3 or 4 times a week!)Miss Cosgrove (taught French)Miss Higgins (got married - don't remember her married name) Mr. Houghton (head at the annexe)I remember we had a TV at the annexe and watched Prince Charles' inauguration as the Prince of Wales.
Some names that spring to mind are my girlfriend (I gave her a ring out of a Lucky-bag!) Elizabeth Bull, Michael Cowden, David Jones, Jonathan Parish, Paul Watson, Peter Alcock, Howard West, David Williams, Lorraine Steer,Kathrine ?, Sonia Gauld,Keith Wheeler, Phillip Robinson,Helen Wilson. If you are any of the above or remember others,. please post a message with more info.
I now live in South Carolina USA and am a golf professional, we have a web site at the golf club - There is a (not very flattering) pic if you are interested! I occasionally come back to visit my parents - a reunion would be great if someone could get the ball rolling.

Posted by: Martyn Woodhouse on 01 July, 2001 at 20:39:32