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Alsager County Primary School

ACPS-1944 to 1948

Is there anyone else out there who was at the school as long ago as I was? My brother and I first went to the wartime nursery class, with (I think) Miss Luckman and Mrs. Farr. Then in 1945 I moved into Mrs. Harrington's class. Had her for two years, then Mrs. Spears and then Mr. Houghton. We left in 1948 when we moved to Reading. Names I remember are Barbara Shean, Audrey Willis, Margaret Bradbury, John Eliot, Robert Davies, Linda Lockett, Miles Colclough. The headteacher for most of the time was Miss Hale, a truly terrifying woman with definite sadistic tendencies. What a relief when she left, to be replaced by nice Mr. Highfield. I remember him standing in front of the school and waving to our family as we left for Reading in November 1948. (Our house in Woodside was just across from the school--no.14) Mrs. Harrington, though, was wonderful.

Posted by: Alison Murray (now Bond) on 15 March, 2003 at 01:44:56