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I was at the comp from 76 to 83 and have just returned to live in Alsager after almost 20 years away, at Salford University then working in publishing in London, Brighton and Oxford. I've been married to Dewi for a while (?) and we've been together since we were young (early 20s)! We have two children - Anna, 5, and Jamie, 3. Motherhood made me stop work and we returned North to be near family (and babysitters).

I was in Mr Board's form and have moved into his old house - very spooky. I'm also living next door to Ian McPhearson!!! Even spookier! Hello to Andrew Cockerell and Rebecca Kinnersley (we used to sit together in English) and I remember Phil Ridgeway's name too.

I am now a full-time mum and part-time freelancer. Life in Alsager doesn't really seem much different since I left and I keep seeing faces that I half recognize. I never thought I'd end up back here, but it is good to be back! I'd be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me...

Posted by: Linda Salter on 28 January, 2001 at 22:24:58