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Alsager School

Calling attendees 74-79


For some strange reason I just decided to search the internet for my old school and up pops this letter page.

I was at Alsager "Comp" from 74-79 and left to study A-Levels at Oswestry when my parents moved away. I later went on to UMIST to study Computer Science before settling in Surrey (Camberley) where
I've been for the last 17 years working in the computer software business. I'm married with 3 kids, the eldest will be attending Secondary school herself in September; doesn't time fly !

People may remember me as one of the Sutton twins, in Mr Harvey's year. I was around prior to the Sports Centre being built and certainly
remember the Science block fire (school closed - yipee ). My brother Steve lives about 2 miles from me here in Surrey after we both attended the same university on the same course and for
all but 1 year have lived in the same area; in fact we've quite often worked for the same companies as freelance software consultants.

I still visit Alsager as my older brother Graham settled there when I moved away in 79. I can still remember some of my form class mates (Will Peel, Andrew Wood, Andrew Lewis) but have lost contact since
moving away to Oswestry. If anyone else from that period is reading this, drop in a line.

It's funny to read some of the letters and see some of the teachers names mentioned, some of which I had completely forgotten.

Cheers, Vic

Posted by: Vic Sutton on 28 March, 2001 at 00:15:30