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Alsager School

Hello out there !!

Well, hello there!!

Have just found this website thanks to the Chairman of Levi's Europe who is a fellow Alsager person!!

Having read all of the messages and had a good giggle with some of the memories I felt I had to add my own message to find out if there is anyone out there who was at the Comp between 81 and 88 (I think). I was in Mr Walden's class in the first year and then Mr. Hand's after that (unlucky, I know). I remember all the teacher names mentioned but remember in particular Mrs Hollins (PE), Miss Pope (scary),Mr Austen, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Bristow (plus her mother - can't remember her name), Mr Smith, Mr Clarke, yes, the geography teacher with nice legs etc. etc.

I was at school with Emma Taylor, Karen Spall, Sarah Foster, Julie Greenhoff, Colette Breeze, Nichola Grint, Caroline Gratton and oh, so many more...I send my best wishes to you all...

Would be great to hear from anyone who knows me - am now living in Brussels and working for Levi Strauss as European Retail Research Manager.

Posted by: Philippa Ravenscroft on 25 July, 2001 at 17:25:35