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Alsager School

Do you remember Dougie Barnett?

Fascinating the things you find on the web. I attending Alsager comp from 76 to 83, in Mr Boards form. Hi Linda! Did you get the Bat mobile that Mr Board drove around in, with the house? (Read Linda Salters message 28/01 if you don't understand this)

I recently returned to the UK, after living in various parts of the world and decided to see if I could look up some old friends, within 30mins I was e-mailing people I hadnít heard from or spoke to for nearly 20 years, amazing!

Iíd love to exchange memories with old friends, so e-mail me if you remember me:

Oh, and Dougie Barnett is the best Physics teacher on the planet.


Posted by: Phil Meredith on 25 July, 2001 at 22:18:42