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Alsager School

Great days at the Comp

Hello anyone who knows me. I was at the 'Comp' from '79 to '84. I was in Mr Sparrow's form during that time. There are so many people that come to mind when thinking about Alasger and my time there. I find it amazing that so many people have left Alsager to end up so far afield.

I left Ipswich in 1990 to head for the dizzy heights of Talke Pits. I shared a house with the Apa brothers. Since then I have moved about a bit and have ended up in Ipswich, Suffolk where I work as an Operations Manager for a toy retailer, every kids dream!

Married with two children. 33 years old with greyish hair but still got my boyish charm.

If anyone knows what happend to Andy Vickers or Damian Bradley I would love to know.

What have they done to Stoneys Hill? It's impossible to walk there now!!

Stay safe


Posted by: Edward Voller on 05 November, 2001 at 18:35:19