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Alsager School

In response to "Do you remember Dougie Barnett"

September 69 – July 73.
My last year was spent in class 5PY with Mr. Pryce as our form teacher.

Do I remember Dougie Barnett, the best physics teacher ever? You bet. And Yes, he was the best ever physics teacher.
My favourite: During one lesson, Dougie gave me a balloon filled with helium, went into his ‘back office’ (store room) to get some equipment. If you remember his science lab there were concrete beams running across the room, well, I kinda let go of this balloon and it went up behind one of the beams, unseen from the front of the class. Out came Dougie, and there was I and a few others on the floor ‘looking’ for this balloon. Dougie asked what we were doing, and after telling him I had dropped the balloon, proceeded to get on his hands and knees looking under the desks. Well, the class were in uproar. The penny dropped. ‘Gaze... get up here....” Now luckily, we had a one Brian Maddocks in the class, who, prior to the lesson entered Dougies bottom draw and removed his famous ‘rubber tubbing’, used to tarnish our ‘butts’. So, Dougie goes in search of his tubbing, but didn’t find it. Next best thing, the 1 yard rule. Up on his desk, bend over, and ‘crack’. 1 yard rule straight across me ar*e. It broke in half, but I tell you what, Dougie couldn’t wipe the smile from my face.
Yes, I remember Dougie, and many many more people will do so.

I was Alsager born and bred and still visit both my parents still living in Alsager. Most of my family still live in the area.

I could write a book about Alsager and its kind.

Check out the if you want some names to jog your memories....

Posted by: Andy Gaze on 09 January, 2002 at 07:03:07