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New Notice Board for ex-pupils - Nathan Griffiths ( 3 Jun 00 )


I have set up a noticeboard for ex-pupils of Alsager School, which can be found at

If you would like, I will post any letters you receive from ex-pupils on the noticeboard.
You can email them to me at

Please feel free to include a link to the site and I would also appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have!


Nathan Griffiths

Alsager Comp - Phil Ridgway ( 23 Oct 99 )

This is quite an amazing discovery. Imagine searching the web for 'The Teardrop Explodes' and an hour later ending up at my old school's web site. I was at the comp from 76 to 83, initially in Mrs Virginia ? class (she must have left such a great impression i can't even remember her name) and then in Mr Hollins class. I now live in Charlotte NC and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Have fun, Phil Ridgway (

Alsager Comp (1987 - 1991) Phil Mason ( 16 Oct 99 )


My name is Phil Mason, and I too am an ex Alsager Comp Pupil. I was there from 87 - 91, Mr Andrews (Headmaster), Mr Smith (Deputy Head), Mr Barnet (Science) . . . . etc.

It was great to stumble across this site, even though I still live about 3/4 mile from the old place. I recognised some names on the letters page, Julie Bevan, and most of the people mentioned in her letter.

I agree that Alsager has changed a great deal since I was of school age, and not all of it for the better so it is great to find so many people who remember the "old" Alsager.

It's also great to find out where people have got to since school. I would be happy to hear from anyone.


Letter from Andrew Cockrell ( 10 Sep 99 )

I'll keep this short but curiosity forces me to send this....

I was at the Comprehensive School from 1976 to 1983. My name is Andrew Cockrell (Cocky) and I was in Mrs Wakelin's / Mrs Atkinson's form.

I moved to Houston, Texas four years ago - I'm married with 2 kids and one on the way.

If anyone wants to contact me send an E mail to


Letter regarding Alsager Comp!!! - Lisa Allen ( 28 Aug 99 )

I was there '84 - '90 - I think - it's hard to work it out these days! I was in Mr Horsham's form. I remember good old Mr Andrews, Mr & Mrs Gunter, Mr Hughes, Mrs Bristow, Mr Gallimore, Mrs Chapman, Mr Austen, Mrs Steele, Mr Lloyd, Mr Barnett.........blimey - these are a blast from the past - I didn't think I could remember so many!

I now live in Leeds - but I did work at Celestica in sunny Kidsgrove until June this year!

I am still good friends with some other Comp people - Sally Holdway, Sara Jo Rogers, Sarah Clarke. Also - Denise Brookes. Anyone remember me - or them?

Take care Alsager bods!

Lisa Allen

Letter from Julie Bevan ( 7 Aug 99 )

My name is Julie Bevan and I lived in Alsager until I was nineteen, when I moved to Essex (please no Essex girl jokes, I've heard them all before!!), I'm now 27 and still live in Essex, I recognised the names of Naomi Kinnersley and Simon Bell, a few others I wasn't sure of.
I was at school with people like Shiree Rocky, Haley Coomer, Dawn Ayres, Sarah Mantle, Tracy Warburton, the list is endless!!!! I still keep in touch with some people and visit home regularly to see my family.
Some people may remember my brothers, sister or aunt - Michael Bevan, Andrew Raynes, Susan Raynes and Katy Bevan.

Mr Andrews was still the head when I was there and Mr Smith, the maths teacher was deputy head of my year. I was in Mr Catchpoles form and remember teachers like Mr Bowen, Mr Hughes (of the sweaty armpits!!), Mr Metcalf, Mr Horsham and many more. I would love to hear from anyone back home I think that my work e-mail address is (I'm new to the job).

I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I still find it pretty amazing that Alsager has a web site!!!

Names from the past - Jane Trinder ( 9th May 99 )

I stumbled on this site quite by accident and was so pleased to find names from the past.

I too remember the science block fire, and names like Mr Walden, Mr Pickles but cannot for the life of me remember the Geography and History teachers can someone help. My name is Jane Trinder and I was in Mr Sparrows form from 1974 - 1979. I would love to hear of anyone from those years and especially that form. I remember in particular Angela Morrey, Judith Turner, David Marshall (who I think became a chef), Tracey Clarke and Francis Hudson. I went to the church youth club, was a member of the Guides and then Scouts. Does anyone remember my rendition of Eliza Doolittle?

I now live in Northamptonshire, married with two children and work for Barclaycard. My parents still live in Alsager so we visit regularly, and my sister Sally if anyone remembers her now lives in Kenilworth.

If anyone out there remembers myself or my sister, please give me a shout.

You may know me as Lankey Legs or Major Tom.

Letter from Julie Elkington ( 9 Apr 99 )

Just reading through the letters from ex-pupils from 'THE COMP' I was there from 1974-1979 my year tutor was Mr Harvey, any body else remember him? I had several form tutors Mrs Little, Mr Bellingham, Mr Scott, any body remember me Julie Harding?? I am now Julie Elkington married to Roy he also his a ex pupil of the 'Comp' any one remember him?

Answer to the question where is the Devonshire, well that is the old Grove pub down Shadey grove! I think its great that there is so many people who can leave there messages here. I have been looking for Patricia Lowe if any body Knows her whereabouts would they please e-mail at .
I am married with three children and still live in Alsager.
I am still in touch with a lot of people from the 'comp'
I can remember being in Mr Bury's class and he asked me to go and pick some beetroot and I picked all of his raddish'es instead. He was not amused, nor was I?


hey ho from canada (26 Mar 99 ) - Sharon Brown

blinkin ink!!!!!!! from canada

i never thought the old town would be on the net. i went to the comp in 86&87 i remember names such as jr and mr sparrow mr brooks mr macpherson and mr andrews long time no hear

my name is sharon brown i now live in canada my brothers went to school there to richard martin (gerbil) and gavin (little gerbil) dont know if any of you remember them. well like i say i live in canada now computer teacher and ranch owner have 2 kids and a lovely husband.

if anyone remembers me well drop a line and we can talk if anyone remembers my brothers let me know ill give you there e.mail you can suprize them....


Alsager - still here... ( 19 Mar 99 ) - Simon Bell

Having just stumbled on this page I thought I'd my own little contribution.

I've just read all the posts from people who have in times gone by attended the "Comp" and with a smile remembered my own time there although I seem to be one of the few still here !!

I'm now 31, a Systems Analyst for Major UK Bank and have lived in Alsager ( bar 2 years) all my life, for those who have not been back for some time remember it as it was its better that way. I suspect the village name will soon change from Alsager to Manchester Metropolitan University village ! I'll leave the detail to your own imagination but invasion springs to mind.

The village has spread as you would imagine, does anyone remember playing in the fields off Hall Drive ( Just off the main road ) ? , Its all just a housing estate now and soon to get bigger if the developers have their way !

However back to the Comp... I noticed it another post the name Jill Riley (JR)which stirred fond memories as she was my form tutor all the way through, its funny looking back as the boys all liked her :)

It would be great to hear from anyone in my old form or year.

From: Simon Bell

Letter from Amanda Forsyth ( Mandy Baker ) ( 18 Jan 99 )

There's already a letter from my brother here - Alasdair Baker. I married in 1995, but before then I was Mandy Baker - now Forsyth, having married a Scottish stockbroker! I was at Alsager from 1977 to 1982, and my form teachers were Mrs Wilkes, Mr Tyrell (the jolly green giant!) and Mr Lloyd. For those people out there who were at Alsager at the same time, the bridesmaids at my wedding were Juliet Halson and Jenny Edser. I'm living in Edinburgh these days, though my job (fund management) involves an awful lot of travelling.

Someone else was asking if our dad was the Music teacher - yes, he was Head of Music for several years, immediately before Heather Bridger took over.

It's great to hear all this news about our old schoolmates - if you "hit" this page, write in, it's a total blast from the past!


Mandy Forsyth

Email: Amanda_Forsyth@StandardLife.COM

Hello all Alsager-ites (11 Dec 98)

My name is Rebecca Kinnersley and I attended Alsager Comprehensive from er.....1976 - 1983 (seems a long time ago now.) It is my birthday tomorrow (Saturday 12th - I'm 34.) If anyone remembers me and wants to write, my email address is I have plenty of happy memories about my school years - they certainly stood me in good stead. Hi! to Barry Gunter, Mike Elkin, Jill Riley (as was) the Welsh Geography teacher with the sense of humour and nice legs whom I can't quite remember the name of and all the science teachers, especially those who support Fulham........ I am now Head of Science in one of the biggest schools in Kent - I have 15 full time members of staff, 4 technicians, 10 labs and 1469 pupils to worry about! I live in Maidstone with my two cats (having divorced last year - hooray!) I remember Ali Baker who also has a letter published. I still visit my Mom and Dad in Barthomley and put the workd to rights with my Dad in the fabulous White Lion. My sister, Hannah, who was in the year below, lives and works in New York and is married to a lovely American bloke. Adam still lives in Crewe, poor devil! And Naomi is an accountant in London.

Drop me a line to share the memories!

Love Rebecca

( follow up letter: Oh, and I remembered the name of the Welsh geography teacher I mentioned - it was Larry Purcell. I think he may be Deputy head now.....)

Letter from Heather Jones (4 Sep 98)

My name is Heather Jones and I lived in Alsager from 1979 - 1990 - my parents still live there. I attended Alsager Comprehensive from 1983 - 1990, form tutors variously Mrs Harrison, Mrs Barber and then Mrs Gunther. I would be interested in hearing from people who remember me or my brothers Tim and Ian.....Tim is getting married next June!! I then went to the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester for my degree and am currently living in Northampton and working in Higher Education. Please get in touch if you would like to. My email is Hope I get some replies! Haven't spoken to anyone I was at school with for nearly 8 years!


Heather Jones
Administrator (Additional Needs)
Student Services
Nene - University College Northampton

Tel (01604) 735500 ext 2390
Fax (01604) 792581

People from the the past and with some luck the present (7 June 98)

Have just found the Alsager site and looked at some of the letters.

I am sure that in the back of my mind memories are being to stir. So here is my contribution.

I am Simon Smith currently Teaching in Rayleigh Essex. I attended the Comp from 70 - 78 during the time when Mr Andrews was Head.Do you remember names like McPherson, Barber, Worsley, MacDonald, Jones, Thornley, Barnet and science block fire. I was involved in Scounting and have many fond memories. My parents still live in the village, we do visit an a regular basis and have certainly noticed the changes.

Lets start some communication.

Alsager, of course! (14 Apr 98) - Paul Whittaker

Wow! My old home on the net! I was a student at the comp from 1983 to 87, I had andy hamilton as a form tutor and left in 87 to join the Air force. I would like to hear from anyone who knows me (though i am hopeless with names, so forgive me if i dont remember you straight away) I used to live in derwent close. i have 2 sisters, lesley, 27, and kate 13 I'm 26 hope to hear from someone soon


Hello from South Africa (6 Mar 98) - Zo Jones (ne Hall)

I have lived in Alsager from about 1980 to 1993 when I moved to South Africa, I went to Alsager Comp 1981 to 1986 form tutor Mrs. Williams.

If anyone who has access to the internet would like to correspond I would love to hear from them, e mail to

Kind regards,


Alasdair Baker (22 Dec 97)

It was real pleasure to find this page. I lived in Alsager from 1972 - 1983, and in Church Lawton before that. Despite the fact that so many years have passed since we left, it still feels very like coming home on the occasions I get back. Whenever people ask where I'm from, I have the habit of saying either 'Crewe' or 'Stoke', or if I'm feeling really vague, just on the border between Cheshire and Staffordshire, which is really stupid because so many people seem to recognise the name when I tell them.

When I was young(er), I don't think any of us would particularly have thought of Alsager as being the kind of place you'd ever get particularly nostalgic about - a typical teenager's attitude I guess, because now when I'm there it looks to have an awful lot going for it - countryside,facilities,shops,a strong community ethos, and of course an excellent comprehensive. It's hard to get my head round the idea that my experience of 'the Comp' must have virtually nothing to do with the place it is now, in terms of people,and the way the place operates.Just before the summer I was able to have a very brief wander round for about the first time since 1983, and while the rooms were all in the same places, as an institution it felt, I suppose inevitably, very foreign.

Happily,many of the staff were still there, and a couple made a real effort to appear pleased to see me.....! One of the things I've always had a problem with, particularly when on Teaching Practice, has been the jaundiced attitude that seems to prevail about comprehensives. Whenever the subject comes up, my line is always that I went to a really good one,and its taken me a long time to find out what kind of place people were referring to when the issue of 'sink' comprehensives came up.

At Alsager in the 70's and early 80's, we had the full range of experiences available in terms of extra-curricular activities, and there was no big deal involved in staying behind after school for sport,music,drama or whatever. Where I work now,on the other hand, the paperwork involved on arranging for this kind of thing to happen is a real bugbear, and I'm sure puts a break on students enjoying the range of activities we did with the same kind of ease and informality.

I'm rambling! Before I go, it'd be great to hear from anybody else from the same era who's lives have followed a similarly diverging path to mine and who now find themselves having the same thoughts as I do - along the lines of actually, it was all pretty good when you think about it.....!
I'll look in regularly to see how the page progresses.
All the best,and merry Christmas!

Alasdair Baker

Alsager Comp!!!! (6 Mar 98) - Ellen Lowen (used to be Ellen Hill)

What a blast from the past!

I was killing time waiting for some software to download (as you do) when I thought about my old school in Alsager. Not really expecting to find anything more than a passing reference to a small town somewhere north of the Watford Gap, I was amazed to find so much happening, and to top it all. a visit back to the Alsager Comp.

I spent nearly 5 years there before moving to South Wales and I remember my time there fondly, especially after going on to another school to do my A-levels and wishing I were back in Alsager on a regular basis.

I also remember Alasdair Baker, who was in the same year as me (I think) - was your dad our music teacher?

Anyway, the memories came flooding back and now I feel very old! I'll catch up with this page again in my next session of late night surfing.

Ellen Lowen (used to be Ellen Hill)


Peter Hammond

Hello there

I too am an ex-resident of Alsager. I left home in 1991. I'm interested in your pages but where is the Devonshire Arms pub - is it on a 'new' estate? (i.e one built after about 1980).

Like your other correspondent I was taught by Mr Lloyd too (Science 1980-82). Does anyone remember Mr Robinson (another scientist) at the 'comp'?

Keep up the good work!

Peter Hammond


Darren Noyce

Hi there,

My brother informed me of your site, so I decided to pay a visit. Very interesting I must say. I used to live in Alsager myself and it was nice to read about it.

I went to Alsager Comprehensive from September 1982 until June 1983 and was in the form 1LD. Mr Lloyd was the form teacher. I don't suppose anyone will remember me but if they do please get in touch via email:-

write to:-

All the best

Darren Noyce