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Cranberry Junior School

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A message from Ritchie Bason prompted me to respond. I was a pupil of Cranberry School in the days of Mr Llewelyn.
I was 5 at the time and lived in Harpur Crescent.Pikemere was not yet built so we used to take a PMT bus(double or single decker)from Harpur Cres./College Rd. to Cranberry Lane
-Fare 6d. On the way home Clive Livingstone would suggest we walked and spent our bus fare of 6d on the way home at Banbury's (bungalow shop oppo College/MMU main enterance)on sweets.
So at five or six we walked - I would not entertain it for my children, all of whom have attended Cranberry .Rob (Nigel) Atkinson

Posted by: Rob Atkinson on 16 May, 2003 at 22:56:49