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Date: 21st December 2000.

Hello all,

This is just a very quick message to any old girls of Brereton Hall School. The school closed not long after I left in 1991 and with so many “military kids” attending, it has been almost impossible to stay in touch with everyone.

Having spoken to a few people I am still in contact with, the idea of a reunion has been well received. It will be 10 years since the class of ’91 “graduated” and it would be great to hold such a reunion next year.

If you are interested (even if you didn’t leave in ’91) then please get in touch

I am hoping to set up a Brereton Hall old-girls website in the new year (2001) so that we may be able to stay in touch a little easier. The URL will be If you would like to contribute a small message about yourself and what you have been up to, then send it to me at the above e-mail address and I will incorporate it on the website. Pictures will be greatly appreciated too!

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best

Zoe (Davies).

Posted by: Zoe Davies on 21 December, 2000 at 15:02:50