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Brereton Hall School

looking for old pals

To all the borders and day girls I went to that crazy school with. So much to say, so I'll do a quick summary: Van Gogh dorm, Mrs Lippet, Mr Maddock (what a sweetie) and those damn sarnies(borders) chocolate spread and peanut butter. Never touched them since and ruppet fashion statement trousers. My dress sense is still wounded. If you remember me my e-mail is current and I would love to hear how you are. I am living with my partner and have recently returned to study. Clare Moorhouse, Sam Vaughn,Sarah Milbourn, Paula Lawrence, infact anyone from my dorm(s) Van gogh and that other one with the bat that Barbara Coleman killed with her coat.(forgot the name)get in touch. Vickixxxx (or ed the duck as the photo states who gave her that photo anyway? I'll never live it down.)

Posted by: victoria hunt on 19 May, 2004 at 19:49:42