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Brereton Hall School

Brereton Hall, 1941 to 1944

Vancouver,BC,Canada, 23 Oct 2005.
Reading all those alumni letters from the 1960s or later makes me feel like a dinosaur. How about the early 1940s--the War years--when Mrs.Massey, the Duraglit heiress, owned and ran her private school at Brereton?
Is there anyone out there who was there then? Max Browning?(son of teacher, Mrs.Browning), John Dowling? Bernard Jackson or his sister Barbara Jackson? Clifford Massey, the owners son, and later of The Green Parrot,Altringham,Cheshire?
Yours truly, John Conway

Posted by: John Conway on 23 October, 2005 at 22:35:38


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