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Letter from Margaret Carolan nee Waterhouse (14 Nov 00)

I am an ex pupil of Brereton Hall School - in fact you have a picture of me playing Eliza in Pygmalion on your web site.  I'd love to hear from any old Breretonians.  I was at the school from 1977 until 1984.

Margaret (Maggi) Carolan nee Waterhouse


Letter from Sheran (30 Sep 00)

Hello, my  name is Sheran Ellis, and I attended Brereton Hall School 1953 (I was 3 years old)
I didn't stay for more than a couple of years and teh last school I attended in the area was Lawton Hall School.

My memeories of Brereton Hall and the Bears Head too, are very vague. I remember we had to go down into what we called the dungeons where the girls toilets and changing rooms were. The classrooms were huge - or at least seamed so to me! I remeber singing 'Morning has broken...' a song I have rarely sung but never forgotten from those days .

As for Lawton Hall, it was while I was looking up this school I came across this page. My memories are obviously much better of this beautifull old hall with the hauntings of Lady Grey. The garden parties held on the back lawns in front of the lake, the cross country running in the surrounding woods, the art lessons in the 'barn' ajoining the school. Maybe a lettter page could be posted for this now very sad building. If you decide to I can scan some old photos for you (only a vouple that would do, as at that time I was more interested in the people at the school than the building itself!)

Thank you



Update (11 Oct): Sherry's photos are now available in the history section.

Old 'Girls' (5 Aug 00)

My name is Janette Finlayson nee Denton.  I attended Brereton Hall School from 1963 - 1965.  I am still in touch with Susan Thompson and would like to contact any other old pupils who are out there.

Yes, I remember the picture with the tear very well, if we misbehaved we had to stand or kneel in front of it.  I have to admit that I was guilty of posting various items behind it, although none of them unspeakable!  At that time it was upstairs near the gallery.

I would love to hear from anyone who attended Brereton during this time. 
My e-mail address is

p.s.  I have still got my blazer!

Brereton Castle (Hall) (8 Jul 00)

My Grandfather is a Brereton and had some sketches of the Hall dating (I believe) from the early 1800's. My Aunt has some information on it as well. What I don't have is their direct connection in lineage. Is there a way to find out?


Brannon Family (9 May 00)

I attend BHS in the late 70's and I am looking for old girls, not just any old girls, but former boarders or even daygirls! BOARDERS rule! Secretly... I loved my time at the school. It was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever had the pleasure of calling "home", if only for the school terms. I wish the new owners nothing but best wishes in their endevour. Any new pictures you could put on the page would be just a thrill.

As the School song says:"And though we travel far and wide, Our roots will still be here, To practice all we here have learned, With excellence our aim." If you wish a copy of the first year that the song was ever sung, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Loyalty Binds Me.
Erica A. Brannon (nee Nurse)


P.S. Is the Hall still haunted? I surely must be.

(photos to - Ed.)

Letter from Bret Hall (22 Jan 00)

I am Brereton Hall.
My grandmother, Winifred Brereton (1890-1989), married Harold Hall in 1920, and the results is that both my father and I are both "Brereton Hall." Our side of the Brereton family left England in the 17th Century for America.
With the passing of time we consider ourselves "New Englanders" -- both living in Connecticut.

Bret Hall


Letter from Natalie Wilson (6 Nov 99)

My name is Natalie Wilson, I was a boarder at Brereton Hall for about 3 years my sister Nikki was also a student there. We had some fun times and some very unique experiences. It would be great to hear from anyone, daygirls, boarders, teachers etc. that may remember us. I am now living in the USA and manage a legal department for a law firm in Virginia Beach. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Barbara Coleman, Kathy & Jill, Fiona Hancock please let me know.

I will be back in the U.K. for the millenium and plan on visiting Brereton Hall.


Family History (8 Jan 99)

Dear Sir / Madam

Hello, my name is Edward Brereton ( living near Watford in Hertfordshire ) and I am wondering if you could please send me any information about my family name and / or history, and if you want to ask me any questions then I will answer them......

Yours Thankfully

Edward Brereton


Calling Sarah Milbourn, Sam Vaughan, Alex Jones, Mandy Wright etc! (5 Dec 98)

This is Angela Kidd - I was a Brereton Hall pupil from 1986 - 1988 and I have been trying to find my old mates for years. I live in New Zealand now and I have a degree in Environmental and Marine Sciences. Sarah was my 'BF', Adele Ross was my 'FJ', Sara Hall was my 'FS'. My sister Lyndsay was also a pupil there.

Sarah, Penny Brown, Chelsea Slater and I were all in Turner (because we were great!), a third year dorm, when we were second years. We had great times but for various reasons I had to leave and lost touch with my friends. If anyone knows them or where they are let me know.

My e-mail address is

Ang (aka 'Fergie')

Brereton Hall Boarding School (5 Dec 98)

Maybe someone remembers going to Brereton Hall when it was a boarding school. My name is Lyndsay Kidd and I was a student there in 1988 as my family lived in Germany. My sister also attended, her name is Angela! We have both graduated from University and living in New Zealand and would love to hear from anybody who was a student there.

Happy web surfing!!!


Breretons of America (8 Aug 98)

My name is Deanne Leigh Brereton. First let me tell you about my first name. De comes from De Brereton and Anne is from my mothers middle name. I am 15 and live in San Jose, CA in the United States. I have always dreamed of traveling to England to visit the Town of Brereton, Church of Brereton and the Brereton Hall. I also have always wanted to meet all the other Breretons` still living in Great Britain. If you can send any information about tour days in Brereton Hall, that would be most helpful in planning a trip to England.

Thank You Much:
Deanne Brereton