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Lawton Hall School

Student at the Great Hall

I was at Lawton hall for approximately three years and I have memories of a school with great mystery and tales of caverns underneath the headmasters office as well as talk of the lady grey coming out at night.

I was in P3 upto P5 or prep remove as they called it my last year there. My brother Karim was in SR1 upto SR3 in the main building. The headmaster was Davis or Davies..I can't recall.

We now live in Canada and still have memories of this experience. My wife and I visited the ruins 4 years ago and were sad to see it in this shape.

The year before that my brother visited the school and found a book on the floor completely intact, but soaking wet, he opened it to find my signature as the last owner/user..the book was The Growing Summer.

Good times!!!

Posted by: Amin Remtulla on 21 March, 2001 at 20:13:47