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Lawton Hall School

lawton hall 81-86

Oh dear has it come to this, looking at websites in connection with days gone by? My name is Charlie. I had buck teeth, curly hair and was unable to spell. nothing much has changed about me but life of course has moved on. some of you I still see quite a bit, others I bump into from time to time.
I have kept in touch with the Hall and its changes from the first time I set foot in the place, pretty much cosistantly to date. Lawton Hall held a greater attraction than being hit over the head by Mr Walleys chalk duster. There was and still is the lake. It held great adventure to a 12 year old fisherman and some of the wonderful old lads that fished it were very funny.I still fish it from time to time.
I was lucky in that the school closed just as I had finished my 'O'levels. One of my closest mates John Nicholas was not so lucky and had to find another school to complete his final year, very bad luck.
Does anyone remember when Mr Brown put a nail through a water pipe and Clarance and Lorenzo had to fix it? The time someone thought it would be hilarious to stick a potato over the end of Mr Wallys old M1 Ford Fiesta, or was it Mrs Ross's ( or she might have beed Miss Derose by then)MG.
Does anyone remember 'Fattys (Paul Gregory) office'(the boys toilets). Not as bad as it sounds. I certainly remember The Mrs Evans music lessons. On that 'note', What about the Christmas Carol service. Always good fun as I remember. I could go on. Great times all!

Posted by: charles barnett on 24 November, 2003 at 21:52:35