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Lawton Hall School

Lawton Hall School 1960-1966

I was a pupil at Lawton Hall School for 6 years until 1966. Now married with 2 grown up children and living in Biddulph Moor.
Reading Michael Mullineux's list of classmates on the Friends United website brought back a lot of fond memories - now trying to put faces to names.
The Headmasters Great Danes roaming the school grounds and barking during morning assembly;the pervading stink of the science lab and the numerous metal pots of paint in the artroom - so on and so forth.
In academic terms LHS was not a great help to me but at least all that cross country running kept me fit. Indeed the sports facilities at the school were very good - more pleasureable than Latin and Music lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lawton Hall School. If any old friends wish to get in touch please kindly use the email address, accordingly.

Posted by: Phillip Birt on 01 November, 2005 at 15:02:20