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Lawton Hall School

Did anyone ever see the Grey Lady - Lawton Hall School 1960-1966

After 49 years gathering dust in the attic I found the 1961 Lawton Hall School Photograph last week.
It brought back many familiar faces, a few names and many memories to come flooding back: Sports Day Human Pyramids on the front lawn, who would be the first to upset ‘Paddy’ O’Mara, Bill the Paratrooper PT instructor, Mr. Harrison’s Rolls Royce and his two Great Danes, cricket, rugby and soccer on the lower field, being the first to finish the cross country so I could get showered and catch the early 3.30 PMT bus home and Jack Simcock and his monochrome paintings of Mow Cop which first prompted my interest and eventual career in art and design.

I’d appreciate any contact information about my class mates: Malcolm Cliff, John Peppiatt, Alan Darlington and John Clayton, even though they were all, apart from Alan in Wedgwood and I was in Spode!!!!!

Posted by: John Bourne (BONZO) on 02 April, 2010 at 18:27:51