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Lawton Hall School

grey lady etc.

HI John don't know if you remember me but I do remember you. I always wanted to see the grey lady but no such luck I remember Bill Copestick putting the fear of God into us one night after a play and he was in a very congenial mood and was telling us about the ghost, it was dark outside and all very exciting. Dear Paddy, he had great hopes for me until he heard I had a boyfriend (now my husband of 44 years)! I told him I was leaving school at the age of 15 to do a secretarial course, the poor chap was mortified. How I wish I had listened to him and continued schooling to be a teacher. Not complaining in one sense as have done very well in catering but at least one of our daughters is teaching. So pleased Lawton has been restored and not in that awful state of a few years ago. All the best John. P.S. Saw Jane Ross the other day who told me about this site. I married Christine Warrillow's brother, Roger who left Lawton the year before we started, small world isn't it!!

Posted by: walley Janet now Warrillow on 05 July, 2011 at 22:02:50