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Lawton Hall School

past pupil

I was in P5. Derak Atkinson, Paula Rogers, Dawn Hook, Aide Cooper, Andrew Panagi,Nick Parson, Eve Wooley, Alaster Ruston, can't remember anymore names. I went to see the old place in 2007, just before I left the U.K. Unfortunately I am very sick with a rare cancer, but I would love to come back and see it now before i have my appointment with himself upstairs, I would need a kind soul to be my chauffeur, etc. I am still crazy, ditzy, blonde, and i still enjoy riding, fishing and painting. If you remember me, or want to have my company for a couple of days then just
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Your fellow Lawtonian
Suzanne Averill

Posted by: suzanne averill on 25 September, 2011 at 17:57:49