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Letter from Sheran (30 Sep 00)

Hello, my  name is Sheran Ellis, and I attended Brereton Hall School 1953 (I was 3 years old) I didn't stay for more than a couple of years and teh last school I attended in the area was Lawton Hall School.

My memeories of Brereton Hall and the Bears Head too, are very vague. I remember we had to go down into what we called the dungeons where the girls toilets and changing rooms were. The classrooms were huge - or at least seamed so to me! I remeber singing 'Morning has broken...' a song I have rarely sung but never forgotten from those days .

As for Lawton Hall, it was while I was looking up this school I came across this page. My memories are obviously much better of this beautifull old hall with the hauntings of Lady Grey. The garden parties held on the back lawns in front of the lake, the cross country running in the surrounding woods, the art lessons in the 'barn' ajoining the school. Maybe a lettter page could be posted for this now very sad building. If you decide to I can scan some old photos for you (only a vouple that would do, as at that time I was more interested in the people at the school than the building itself!)

Thank you



Update (11 Oct): Sherry's photos are now available in the history section.

Lawton Hall School website (25 Jul 99)


My name is Phillip Jones, a former student at Lawton Hall School. I am creating a web site about the School, with the aim of plotting it's rise and fall, and contacting and putting in contact former staff and students.

I would like permission from you to use the photographs of Lawton Hall that appear on your site. Many thanks

Phillip Jones