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  • Topics are listed in order of the average number of votes cast per day.
  • Only one vote can be cast per session.
  • If you think a topic is confusing or not important then both boxes should be left blank.

Creating new topics

  • Anyone with a password can create a new topic for the public to vote on.
  • Optional feedback is available by ticking the 'Email' box.
    (this will include your email address with the topic.)
  • To create a topic input your password and press the 'MY TOPICS' button.
    On the 'My Topics' page you can type in a new topic and press the 'CREATE TOPIC' button. A topic can be deleted only if it has less than 6 votes.
  • Topics cannot be edited. So its a good idea to check the spelling carefully before typing in all the arguments.
  • Topics should be of general interest and must not be offensive or refer to individuals.
  • Topics should be simple statements without any arguments.
    (Arguments should be placed on the 'Arguments' page - see below)

Creating new arguments

  • The arguments page can be viewed by clicking on the brackets at the end of each topic.
  • On the arguments page you can create/edit/delete your own arguments and insert other information by typing in your password and pressing the 'MY ARGUMENTS' button. Then click on 'NEW ARGUMENT' and press the appropriate button depending on the type of argument eg. 'FOR' 'AGAINST' 'ABSTAIN' 'OTHER'