I would be willing to pay 10 in additional taxes to bring the Olympic Games to London in 2012

2 Feb 09:   AGAINST
As much as the Olympic Commitee would appriciate your 10, I think the decision of where to host the worlds largest atheltic competition should involve more than a tenner from a village.
Much Obliged,
4 Dec 07:  
Its a bit like hiring a builder to do some work on your house and then saying - "Its got to be done by next week at any cost."
8 May 07:   OTHER INFO
The current projected cost is about 9 billion. However there are still five years of cost inflation to go and since this is a big government project similar to the Millenium Dome it seems reasonable to assume that the final cost will be nearer 20 billion.
Assuming there are 30m taxpayers this works out at 666 per taxpayer.
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