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Alsager Sunflower Cake

This cake uses sunflower oil instead of saturated fat so it's a bit more healthy than ordinary cake. You need an electric mixer to try this recipe.


Sugar 125g
Eggs160g liquid (2)
Sunflower oil 70g
Raisins 50g (1 handfull)
Vanillafew drops
Self-raising flour250g


  • Switch on oven and set to 250F (120C)
  • Crack 2 eggs into measuring beaker and add water to make up to 160g (or 160cc)
  • Add sunflower oil to make up 230g (or 230cc)
  • Pour into mixing bowl. Add sugar and vanilla
  • Mix for 1 minute with high speed electric hand mixer.
  • Add raisins and mix to distribute and separate (low speed)
  • Add flour and mix with wooden spoon.
  • Stop mixing as soon as all the dry bits have gone. (while it is still lumpy)
  • Empty into deep cake tin with double bottom.
  • Cover with lid and place in centre of oven
  • Cook for 80min

What went wrong?

Note that temperature dials on ovens are not very accurate and the cooking time and temperature depend on the type of cake tin used.

If the middle of the cake is still soft after removing it from the oven then put it back in (quickly) and give it another 15min. Next time give it an extra 10min.

If the bottom of the cake is completely brown try reducing the time by 5 min.

If the middle is soft and the bottom is brown then the temperature is too high.

If the cake tin is not covered or it is single bottom then a higher temperature and lower cooking time are needed.

Good Luck!

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Last Update: Apr 99