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Alsager is a beautiful town in the South Cheshire countryside in England.
Originally a small village, the name is associated with three sisters of the Alsager family who built the local Christ Church in 1789.

Alsager can be reached easily from the M6 motorway junction 16.
(See the Area Map and the town centre Street Map)
Alsager railway station is on the line from Crewe to Stoke-on-Trent and there is a bus service (Crewe-Hanley) which also stops at Crewe railway station.

General Tours of Alsager

Theme Tours of Alsager

  • Nature for lakes, ponds, parks and playgrounds.
  • Footpaths some walks in the nearby fields.
  • Sports some energetic activities.
  • Education for libraries, colleges and schools.
  • Churches all the local places of worship.
  • Shops includes two post offices and other shops.
  • Wine & Dine for hotels, restaurants and pubs.
  • Fast Food for chip-shops, take-aways and snack shops.
  • Area Tour some interesting places within a 30 min drive of the town centre.
  • History places of historical interest in Alsager and surrounding area.
  • Letters feedback from visitors.

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Other Alsager Info

Recipe: Alsager Sunflower Cake

Alsager Community Involvement

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