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Brereton Hall Letters

Letter from Gina Brereton (9 Sep 01)

My name is Gina Brereton. I didnt think that my last name was that common! Theses pictures are great and I think that I even have a picture of it, or at least my great gradfather does, i dont know for sure. But we do have the bear vas our coat of arms. My ancestors came to america in the 1700's and were later converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which most of my family is now. I am so intigued by all the stories and my ancestry, I would like to know more! If you have any information you think that I might want to know, plaese send it to me! If there are any pictures please send them also!  

Thank You!                                                           


P.S. I could also find out some more information on my family back ground if you would like me too!        

Send to:   ginabrereton@hotmail.com

Brereton family history (25 Jul 01)

My father was related to the Brereton family and i have quite extensive information concerning the family tree. Please let me know if i can be of any assistence

Colin Lythgoe


Letter from Sheran (30 Sep 00)

Hello, my  name is Sheran Ellis, and I attended Brereton Hall School 1953 (I was 3 years old)
I didn't stay for more than a couple of years and teh last school I attended in the area was Lawton Hall School.

My memeories of Brereton Hall and the Bears Head too, are very vague. I remember we had to go down into what we called the dungeons where the girls toilets and changing rooms were. The classrooms were huge - or at least seamed so to me! I remeber singing 'Morning has broken...' a song I have rarely sung but never forgotten from those days .

As for Lawton Hall, it was while I was looking up this school I came across this page. My memories are obviously much better of this beautifull old hall with the hauntings of Lady Grey. The garden parties held on the back lawns in front of the lake, the cross country running in the surrounding woods, the art lessons in the 'barn' ajoining the school. Maybe a lettter page could be posted for this now very sad building. If you decide to I can scan some old photos for you (only a vouple that would do, as at that time I was more interested in the people at the school than the building itself!)

Thank you


Email: sellis@offcampus.net

Update (11 Oct): Sherry's photos are now available in the history section.

Brereton Castle (Hall) (8 Jul 00)

My Grandfather is a Brereton and had some sketches of the Hall dating (I believe) from the early 1800's. My Aunt has some information on it as well. What I don't have is their direct connection in lineage. Is there a way to find out?

Email: len.fallan@gems6.gov.bc.ca

Letter from Bret Hall (22 Jan 00)

I am Brereton Hall.
My grandmother, Winifred Brereton (1890-1989), married Harold Hall in 1920, and the results is that both my father and I are both "Brereton Hall." Our side of the Brereton family left England in the 17th Century for America.
With the passing of time we consider ourselves "New Englanders" -- both living in Connecticut.

Bret Hall

Email: bret@computronixusa.com

Family History (8 Jan 99)

Dear Sir / Madam

Hello, my name is Edward Brereton ( living near Watford in Hertfordshire ) and I am wondering if you could please send me any information about my family name and / or history, and if you want to ask me any questions then I will answer them......

Yours Thankfully

Edward Brereton

Email: 93breretone@busheymeads.herts.sch.uk

Breretons of America (8 Aug 98)

My name is Deanne Leigh Brereton. First let me tell you about my first name. De comes from De Brereton and Anne is from my mothers middle name. I am 15 and live in San Jose, CA in the United States. I have always dreamed of traveling to England to visit the Town of Brereton, Church of Brereton and the Brereton Hall. I also have always wanted to meet all the other Breretons` still living in Great Britain. If you can send any information about tour days in Brereton Hall, that would be most helpful in planning a trip to England.

Thank You Much:
Deanne Brereton

Reply-To: dbpaint@jps.net

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